Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can This Job Go Over Seas?

Can This Job Go Over Seas?

Click here and please listen to this story (August 24, 2010-Morning Edition)

To be honest, I think the job of "remote caregiver" can go over seas. But this story from NPR begs a couple questions. Are we as educators preparing students for a growing job like "remote caregiver?" Is it easier to build relationships with people from our own country? If I say yes, am I xenophobic? With the aging of the baby-boomer population, will the technology of wired homes help our economy or hurt it?

I heard this story the other day and just thought it was interesting. A few years ago there was much talk about "preparing students for jobs that have yet to be created." Well, the job of "remote caregiver" was not around 10 years ago. What do you think about the questions I have raised?

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JensenBlog said...

As a person who has already experienced having parents grow old, enter a nursing home, and pass away, I am interested in the questions you raise.
My brothers and I were criticized for allowing my parents to live in their home up until just a few months or weeks before they passed away. My mother needed care and received it from my father until he could not do it any longer. My father then lived alone until he was 92.
Would it have been better to live in a crowded, stinky nursing home for 5 or 6 years? I think not. Most people would rather take their chances, eat a poor diet, and just live out their final years at home.
Outsourcing and monitoring of the home certainly has possibilities. We monitor children, but that is different. Older people have great deal of pride and have also reached a point of not really caring if anyone agrees or disagrees with them. Just let them fend for themselves. In cases of extreme disease, it could be different. Then you may want to remotely monitor. But my opinion is to just let things be and let nature take its course.
About the job - remote caregivier -I have also found that older people like strangers and anyone they can connect to - so perhaps the person in that job could give comfort and it wouldn't matter where they were. India is hosting most outsourced jobs of customer service, so be it.