Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The Breakfast Inventor’s Club was launched but we had minimal success.  With that said, I am not giving up.  Many students did come over and start building with Legos.  Also, I had some teachers say that “my child loved to play with legos.”  I think that many people don’t know that the Lego Mindstorm Kits, that I have, include a small computer called an RCX.  This small RCX computer is programmable.  This small, programmable computer can be turned into a robot that is only limited by the inventor’s imagination.  The other stumbling block that I encountered with the Breakfast Inventor’s Club was time.  Time is a common stumbling block in any school.  Basically, students are not allowed to really go to classes or breakfast until 7:30 and the first class period starts at 7:45.  This is really not enough time for a student to invent anything.  

So, here is what I have decided to do.  Many students wait just inside the school doors for the clock to strike 7:30.  I am going to move the Breakfast Inventor’s Club to the hall near the doorway.  This should give students more time to work/play.  Also, eventually if students decide to come to school early, they will still be able to work on their projects and not violate school rules.  It is also my hope that the Breakfast Inventor’s club will expand to after school.  I will keep you posted.