Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Top 10 Cyber Things I Want to do Before I Die

This is my first true blog post in over a year. Sometimes it takes a while to really have something to say. After going to NECC 2008, I have been thinking about somethings. When I was growing up I was taught and I learned that I could be anything. I could have any occupation I wanted. I could grow up and be the President of the United States. I guess now that I am older, I don't really think I could be, well, anything I wanted. Also, I didn't know it, but I am what I wanted. I do feel, however, that social mindedly (if that's a word) I could do whatever I wanted. For example, If I wanted to have a competitive eating competition for St. Jude's hospital to raise money for their work and research, I could do it. I wonder if kids think they could have any occupation now-a-days? Also, what occupations do or would they think about when many of their jobs or careers have not yet been invented. I also wonder if children are socially minded? Do they think they could raise money for an organization that they felt passionate about? If I understand Daniel Pink correctly, empathy is an important "skill" that students need to know now to be prepared for the future.

Now, since just 7 long years ago I decided to go to graduate school, buy a computer and attend college online, I feel that I can do anything in the cyber world. This blog post discusses the ten things that I haven't done all ready that I want to do before, well, I depart. Is that too morbid?

This list is not in any particular order:

1) be a chacha guide
2) work on the cyber/Internet aspect of a future presidential campaign
3) sell something on ebay and make a profit
4) co-teach a class where student cell phones are used as an educational tool
5) present at NECC
6) not let my Karma go to far over 50 on Plurk
7) run my own online professional development for people all across the world
8) upload an education video to youtube or teachertube that I created
9) create my own mash-up that works with a social networking tool
10) in second life, ask a question during NPR's Science Friday

I am not sure how all these things help students, but they are all things I want to do. I really wonder what your thoughts are?


Mark Carls said...

Very nice to see your blog post there Mr. Weinberg. I have to go back and read your first paragraph again, there were many deep thoughts in there from empathy and children today will be working in jobs that don't even exist yet! I also want to create my own list, I notice on yours some very attainable ones. It will be very interesting on July 29th, 2009 how many of those are fulfilled. I bet quite a few, it not all.

Nadine N said...

This is a great post and I've read at an interesting time in my own life. I have a few things I want to do, although I'm a little more short sighted. I want to do them in the next 5 years. We have a few items on our list that are in common, so here goes...
1. Be a cha cha guide (even though I was excepted, I flunked the first test - I'll try again.)
2. Be a consultant for the state (or federal) board of education
3. I've sold tons of stuff for a profit on ebay, but I'd like to help my husband develop an online business
4. Present at NECC (I've presented at state conference a bunch of times)
5. Teach a class (at least one) for pre-service teachers - better yet, be a full professor
6. Become an amazing school administrator who could revolutionize my school and make it the most excellent educational environment ever.

It's certainly not morbid to have dreams and goals. Without those, we couldn't be life long learners.

Tim Clarke said...

Wow Rick! You've really put a lot of thought into this. I have to say that several of those are things I'd also like to do. Frankly, I don't think either one of us are very far off from any of them.

I would change the Plurk one for me. I'd like my Karma to be in the 60s so I don't have to worry about it going below 50. But I'm not interested in 75 or 100. No way.

ItIsIRick said...

Tim, Mark and Nadine...I've been putting even more thought into this post. I'm think there might be a couple more things I want to do be fore I die. They may not actually be "cyber" type things but they are things that have to do with my job.

1) Produce all the energy, in a "green" for me to work for just one day. This may include riding my bike into the office and a lot of charged batteries.

2) Teach school again with the knowledge I know now and an administration that supports my use of technology. This could be summer school.

3) Work one whole day blind folded and blog about my experience. Could I still be productive?

4) This one is out there, and kinda narcissistic, but be a keynote speaker for a conference.

5) Teach a college course on-line for actual college credit

I am sure I will have more if I keep thinking about it. It is true that what we know today is different than what we new yesterday. And it is funny how the new knowledge changes our beliefs.